• Kaoru Enjoji

Chart in!!!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to share a very good news with you guys!

With all of your support, we made it to the chart!!

Mellowtique is the 9th on the US artists at ReverbNation site, as well as 12th on the Global chart.

So basically we are the upcoming artists who's been getting more attention!! LOL

Yay!! So happy to share this news!

Really appreciate a lot of people are listening to our debut album.

Thank you again!!

I was in Japan, Paris, Berlin earlier this month, traveling so much,

then I realize that I haven't seen even the half of the world yet thru this first Europe trip.

There are so much to see, visit and feel.

With Mellowtique's debut album, I am really hoping that we can go on Europe tour soon!

To make my wish come true, I just need to keep working harder!

Love with Respect :)



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